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Land contamination

The West Coast Regional Council has a database of sites on the West Coast that may be contaminated with chemicals or hazardous substances, according to land-use records. These include former orchards and market gardens, landfills, timber treatment, and other industrial sites where potentially harmful chemicals were used, stored, or disposed of.

Landowners can ask for this information from the regional council.

These sites have generally not been tested. It is the land owner's responsibility to test the site if they wish to do so.

As more information about overall levels of contamination becomes available, the register will be updated.

You can find more information about contaminated sites on the West Coast Regional Council website.

For information about looking after your health if your land may be contaminated, see Community and Public Health – The Listed Land Use Register: what it means for your health. This is important to consider if you have young children or are pregnant.

Information provided by the Canterbury DHB. Adapted by the West Coast DHB. Page created January 2016.

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