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HealthInfo clinical advisers

All information on HealthInfo is written or approved by HealthInfo's clinical advisers, working with other health specialists. The clinical advisers are all qualified health professionals working in the Canterbury health system.

All HealthInfo clinical advisers must fully disclose any potential conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest is any situation in which a clinical adviser's personal or business interests, loyalties or relationships could affect their ability to make a decision in the best interests of the website.

Current clinical advisers are:


Graham McGeoch

GP, Chief clinical editor

Denise Nicholson

GP, Senior clinical editor

Hannah Gordon

GP, Senior clinical editor

Lucinda Whiteley

GP, Senior clinical editor

Amelia Howard-Hill

Nurse practitioner, Clinical editor

Caroline Ansley

GP, Clinical editor

Jenny Usher

Clinical nurse specialist, Clinical editor

Joan Leighton

GP, Clinical editor

Meredith Hicks

GP, Clinical editor

Rebecca Nicholls

GP, Clinical editor

Other health professionals

Alison Lunn

Speech language therapy

Celia Monk


Claire MacDonald


Janeen Richardson

Occupational therapy

Juliet Gray

Dentistry and oral health

Karyn Brents


Kirsten Carey

Practice nursing

Rochelle van Eysden


Sally Watson


Sarah Duncan


Sarah Wisson


Written by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Last reviewed August 2018.

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