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Gradual removal of a mallet splint

Week 1

Remove the splint at meal times and before bed, and do 10 fist movements and then replace splint.

Week 2

If no lag has developed, remove splint for one hour in morning and one hour in evening, and use hand and finger function normally for everyday functions but not work activities for the next three days. Be careful not to knock finger. If there is still no lag progress to two hours without splint morning and evening.

Week 3 to 6

Use hand normally and wear the splint at night for the full four weeks. You may then discard the splint.

Should you finger start to droop again, report back to the hospital. It may be necessary to start wearing the splint full-time again for two weeks, and then re-commence weaning off the splint.

Written by Orthopaedic Outpatients and Physiotherapy Departments, Christchurch Hospital. Endorsed by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Page created December 2011.


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