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Are you drinking enough?

You need about six to eight cups of fluid each day to keep your body working properly. If you don't drink enough, you can get dehydrated. This can cause headaches, tiredness, and poor concentration. Severe dehydration can cause constipation and kidney stones.

What counts as fluid?

Limit drinks that are high in calories and low in nutrition. For example:

How do you know if you are having enough fluid?

The easiest way is to check the colour and amount of your urine. Except for first thing in the morning, your urine should be almost clear and there should be plenty of it. If you have dark yellow urine you are not drinking enough.

You may need extra fluid if:

Tips for a good fluid intake

Tips if you need to pass urine often or if you have incontinence (loss of bladder control)

Talk to your general practice team for more advice.

Written by Healthy Eating, Healthy Ageing project, Older Person's Health Specialist Service, Canterbury District Health Board. Endorsed by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Last reviewed October 2015.


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