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Anger in youth & teens

Anger is a strong emotion, and it's normal. It's a sign from our body that something is not OK for us. It can happen when we feel hurt, sad or rejected. So it's not always what it might look like on the surface.

Learning how to deal with anger can take some practice. Feeling angry is OK, but hurting yourself or others because you are angry isn't. The trick is to learn how to manage and express angry feelings positively, and without losing control.

How can I learn to manage anger?

Mindfulness meditation is a tool that can help you manage stress, improve your focus and become more able to cope with life's ups and downs (resilient). More and more scientific evidence is showing that it works.

If you do mindfulness meditation regularly it can help you feel calmer and happier. Lots of people use it, including sportspeople, actors, students and business people – in fact anyone can use it.

You can learn more about mindfulness meditation on the Australian site Smiling Mind (it's got a free app) or the American site Headspace (it's also got a free app, for an introductory 10-day programme).

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