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Safe drinking

Safe sex information

Salivary gland stones (salivary calculi)


Salt and baking soda mouthwash

Salt: how to cut down

Saturated fat


Scans and X-rays

Scaphoid fracture


School dental service

School sores


Scoliosis in children

Screen time: children

Scrotal problems

Scrotal problems in boys

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

Seasonal allergic rhinitis

Sebaceous cyst

Seborrhoeic dermatitis (seborrhoeic eczema)

Second-hand smoke and children

Seizures: what to do


Senior Chef

Sensitive teeth

Septic arthritis

Serotonin syndrome

Sever's disease

Sex and intimacy in older adults

Sex: giving consent

Sex: information for teens

Sexual abuse: children

Sexual assault: adults

Sexual assault: youth & teens

Sexual health

Sexual health: for teenagers

Sexual health: services

Sexual health: services for teens

Sexual Health Clinic

Sexual orientation

Sexuality and depression

Sexually transmitted infections

Shared health records

Sharps disposal



Shin pain (shin splints)


Shoulder: anterior dislocation

Shoulder adduction and abduction

Shoulder blade squeeze

Shoulder exercises

Shoulder flexion and extension

Shower stools

Side effects of antibiotics

Side effects of cancer treatment

Side effects of radiation treatment

SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)

Simple meals

Sinus infection

Sinus rinse

Sjogren syndrome

Skin cancer

Skin infection: cellulitis

Skin infection: impetigo (school sores)

Skin infection: ORF virus

Skin infection: ringworm

Skin infection: staphylococcus

Skin surgery

Skin ulcers

Slapped cheek disease

SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus)

Sleep advice for children

Sleep advice for teenagers

Sleep assessment

Sleep hygiene

Sleep problems

Sleep tests

Sleeping position for babies

Sleeve gastrectomy

Slipped disc

Slipped upper femoral epiphysis

Smear tests

Smelly feet


Smoking: pregnancy

Smoking: teens

Smoking: teeth

Social anxiety

Social workers

Soft tissue injury


Something stuck in ear

Something stuck in nose

Sore breasts

Sore nipples

Sore throat

Sore throat: Looking after your voice

Sore vulva, in children


Spastic colon

Specialist Mental Health Service

Speech disorders

Speech language therapists

Speech milestones


Spilling baby

Spinal block

Spinal tap


Splenectomy: adults

Splenectomy: children

Spontaneous pneumothorax

Sport – banned medicines

Sprained ankle


Sprains and strains: recovery




Starting solids


Staying warm

STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)


Steroid: injections

Steroid: tablets and liquids

Stiff shoulders

STIs (sexually transmitted infections): chlamydia

STIs: genital warts

STIs: gonorrhoea

STIs: herpes

STIs: HIV/Aids

STIs: partner notification

STIs: pregnancy

STIs: syphilis

STIs: trichomoniasis

Stomach pain in children

Stomach ulcers

Strep B in pregnancy

Strep throat


Stress: causes

Stress: earthquake

Stress: symptoms

Stress: teens

Stress fractures


Student's elbow



Subacromial bursitis

Subacromial impingement syndrome

Subacromial pain

Subconjunctival haemorrhage

Subsidies for healthcare

Sudden infant death: safe sleeping positions

SUDI (sudden unexpected death in infancy)


Sugar: how to cut down


Suicide and young people

Suicide: effects of culture

Suicide: warning signs

Suicide: what to do if someone is suicidal


Summer safety

Sunbeds and sun tanning

Sunburn: prevention

Sunburn: treatment

Sun-smart behaviour

Superbugs: ESBL

Superbugs: MRSA

Superbugs: VRE

Support rails: installing

Support services: ADHD

Support services: child health

Support services: mental health

Support services: older adults

Support services: teens

Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT)

Surgery for a broken elbow

Swallow studies

Swallowing disorders

Swallowing disorders: oral hygiene

Swallowing disorders: safe eating and drinking

Swimmer's ear

Swollen face

Swollen glands

Swollen joints

Swollen thyroid

Symphysis pubis joint pain in pregnancy

Synacthen test

Synthetic cannabis