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Lab tests

Lab test results

Labial abscess

Labour: giving birth

Labour: induction


Lactose intolerance


Laser eye surgery

Late-onset GBS infection

Lateral epicondylitis

Latissimus dorsi breast reconstruction

Laxatives: adult

Laxatives: children

Lazy eye

LDL cholesterol

Lead maternity carers

Learning disorders

Left hemicolectomy

Leg cramp

Leg ulcers

Legal highs

Legally blind

Legionnaires' disease (legionellosis)

Lesbian and gay (for teens)



Lifestyle issues in young people

Ligament injury

Light bladder leakage

Limited fasciectomy



Liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy)

Liver cancer

Liver failure & cirrhosis

Liver function test results

Liver scan

LLETZ biopsy

Long QT syndrome


Long-term joint pain

Long Term Conditions Mental Health Programme

Long Term Conditions Pharmacy Service

Lou Gehrig's disease

Low blood sugar

Low-fibre diet

Low-FODMAP diet

Low immunity

Low iron

Low platelets

Low testosterone

Low-income subsidies

Low vision

Lower back pain

Lumbar puncture

Lung cancer

Lung fibrosis

Lung function test: spirometry


Lymphatic obstruction