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Face masks

Facial swelling


Fallen arches

Falls: older adults

Familial essential tremor

Family Planning

Family harm or violence

Fast breathing: what to do

Fast heartbeat


Fatty liver

Febrile convulsions

Feeding growing teens

Feeding your baby

Feet: diabetes

Female-pattern hair loss

Female reproductive organs

Femoral hernia


Fetal alcohol syndrome

Fever fits

Fever in children

Fibre and fluid for healthy bowels

Fibre-rich diet for children



Fifth disease

Fillings and root canals

Financial support: help with healthcare

Financial support for palliative care

First aid: cuts, scrapes and wounds

Fissure sealants

Fits: what to do

Fixed flexion deformity

Fixed mallet toe

Flat feet

Flat head in babies

Flexible mallet toe

Floaters and flashes (eyes)

Flooding (periods)


Flu vaccination

Fluid requirements


Fluttering heartbeat

Flying in a cast


Folic acid deficiency anaemia

Folic acid in pregnancy

Food allergies: prevention

Food choices and warfarin

Food labels: how to read them

Food poisoning: Campylobacter

Food poisoning: Cryptosporidium

Food poisoning: E.coli

Food poisoning: prevention

Food poisoning: Giardia

Food poisoning: Shigella

Food safety in pregnancy

Food poisoning: Salmonella

Foot & ankle orthotics

Foot arthritis

Foot exercises

Foot neuromas

Foot pain: ball of your foot

Foot problems in older adults

Foot ulcers

Foreskin problems in children

Four-year-old health check

Fracture risk assessment calculation tool

Fractured ankle

Fractured bones

Fractured bones (children)

Fractured clavicle (broken collar bone)

Fractured fibula

Fractured forearm (children)

Fractured humeral neck

Fractured metacarpals

Fractured patella

Fractured phalanx

Fractured radius (children)

Fractured ulna (children)

Fractured wrist


Free dental care for school children

Free dental care for teenagers

Free healthcare for under-14s

Free maternity care: eligibility


Frozen shoulder

Fruit and vegetables: how to eat more

Full blood count

Fungal skin infections

Fungal toenail infection

Funny turns

Fussy eaters