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Abortion (termination of pregnancy)

Te whakatahe (te aukati hapūtanga)

Women consider terminationIf you're pregnant and are thinking about an abortion, it's important that you consider all your options. It's very important that anyone who is pregnant, whatever their age, has the support to make the decision that is right for them.

If you're considering an abortion, talk with a health professional such as your GP about your options as soon as possible.

As well as your GP, if you aren't sure what to do or want more information about abortion and support, you can contact:

A female of any age can consent to have an abortion.

If you're under 16, remember that your health professional will not share any information with your parents or guardians without your consent. You may find talking with your parents or guardians helpful so they can support you. If you do not feel that you can do this, health professionals are good people to talk to confidentially about difficult things. A health professional is anyone who looks after your health – it includes doctors and nurses.

While you no longer need a GP referral to have an abortion, if you have a GP, you may like to see them to discuss your options. They can confirm how many weeks pregnant you are and can make a referral for you if you decide to proceed. They can also arrange any tests that you need such as blood tests and an ultrasound scan. Alternatively, you can make an appointment with the Sexual Wellbeing Aotearoa Clinic.

If you decide to go ahead with an abortion, you can also self-refer by calling the Gynaecology Procedure Unit on (03) 378‑6386 and the staff will make the arrangements for you.

Most New Zealand citizens or residents do not need to pay for an abortion as the service is publicly funded. If you aren't a New Zealand citizen or resident, you'll need to check if you're eligible for publicly funded healthcare. You can also call the Christchurch Hospital patient eligibility team on (03) 364‑0092 or (03) 364‑0957 for more information.

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