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Sexual health services in Canterbury

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General practitioners

Family Planning

Christchurch Hospital Sexual Health Service

General practitioners

If you have concerns about your sexual health, about contraception, or you would like more information, your general practice should be the first place to go. Free sexual health consultations are available to people under 21 who are enrolled in a general practice in Canterbury. Fees may apply to people aged 21 and older.

General practice team

If you need to find a GP, you can search on this map.

Read about sexual health services for young people in Canterbury.

Family Planning

Family Planning provides a range of services to do with sexual health and reproduction and has clinics throughout New Zealand. Consultations are free to New Zealand residents aged under 22, while there is a cost for non New Zealand residents and people aged 22 and older. Condoms, long-term contraception, and some other services are also available for a cost.

In Canterbury, clinics are located in Christchurch City, Hornby, Rangiora, and Ashburton. Find a clinic.

There's lots of useful information on the Family Planning website, including free resources you can download.

Christchurch Hospital Sexual Health Service

The Christchurch Hospital Sexual Health Centre provides a free and confidential sexual health service. It offers information and advice, testing and treatment, and help with contact tracing.

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