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Sexual health services for young people in Canterbury

couple in parkIn Canterbury, sexual health visits are free for young people. If you need to see a doctor for a sexual health matter, you can choose where you want to go:

Sexual health

Sexual health includes contraception (including condoms), the emergency contraceptive pill, pregnancy tests, pregnancy care, discussion or requests for abortion (termination), period problems, concerns about sexually transmitted infections, genital problems (such as pain, soreness, discharge, and itching), questions or concerns about sex, sexual development, gender identity, and more. These free visits are available for both males and females and they're confidential (private to you).

How to have a free sexual health visit

  1. Make an appointment with the receptionist at your normal general practice clinic or with Family Planning.
  2. On the day of your appointment turn up and report to reception. You don't have to bring a parent or family member, but you're welcome to, or you can bring a friend.
  3. Discuss your problem or concern with the doctor or nurse.
  4. After the appointment, you don't have to pay on the way out. If you've been given a prescription (for example, for contraceptives), you need to take it to a chemist. There's a charge of around $5 for three to six months of contraception at the chemist. Some contraceptives cost more than $5, in which case your doctor will discuss this with you and help you decide what you can afford. There are usually ways around it if you can't afford more than $5.

You can go as many times as you need to for sexual health problems, and you won't be charged.

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