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Self-care for tennis & golfer's elbow

If you rest your arm and avoid the things that make the pain worse, tennis and golfer's elbow will usually go away. Even if they're not treated they will usually go away within six months to two years. But unfortunately they can come back.

If you work in a job that involves heavy lifting or repetitive movements it is more likely the pain will take longer to heal, or not get completely better.

Strengthening the muscles in your forearm can help you to avoid getting tennis or golfer's elbow in the future. A physiotherapist can help you to do this, or your coach can help you to improve your technique if your sport is causing the pain.

It is especially important to strengthen your forearm if you work in a job or play a sport that puts you at risk of developing pain again.

Written by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Last reviewed June 2019.


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