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Safe eating & drinking

Te inu me kai haumaru

Grandparents, parents and children enjoy a meal togetherIf you have difficulty with your swallowing, you can be at risk of food or drink entering your airways. There are some things you can do to help to make eating and drinking safer.

If you are caring for someone with cognitive problems caused by a stroke, brain injury or dementia, see Easy eating with thinking or memory difficulties (cognitive impairment).

General tips

Swallowing food

Swallowing drinks

Specific tips for you

Try the following suggestions to see if they help. If you still have difficulties, discuss them with your general practice team.

Ask your general practice team if you can do anything else to make eating and drinking easier.

You may also want to access private specialist help.

Written by speech-language therapists, Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand Waitaha Canterbury. Adapted by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Last reviewed July 2023.


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