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Who provides palliative care?

Caring for someone who has limited time left is a team effort. The person's family or whānau, friends, and spiritual advisers are right at the centre of that team.

In Canterbury, there are several care and support options. These range from a person's GP to specialist palliative care services. Each person's team is different, but some of the following people and organisations will help to care for you and your family.

General practice team

Your general practice team may play a key part in caring for you, working with other services when necessary. If you need to find a GP, you can search on this map.

District nurses and domestic assistance

District nurses provide nursing care and treatment for people who stay in their own home.

Domestic assistance provides a support worker who comes to your house to help with daily tasks, such as laundry, vacuuming, dusting, dishes, making the bed, preparing meals, and essential shopping.

District nursing and domestic assistance are free for people receiving palliative care at home. Ask your general practice team to arrange this for you. You will be allocated one of the three district nursing and domestic assistance providers in urban Canterbury, or one of the five providers in rural Canterbury.

Urban providers

Rural providers

Residential care staff

If you are in residential care or a rest home you will not receive district nursing services. The residential care staff will look after you and provide the nursing and domestic help you need.

Nurse Maude palliative care services

The Nurse Maude Hospice Palliative Care Service provides specialist palliative care for people in their homes, or in the Nurse Maude Hospice. It also supports staff in rest homes and private hospitals.

The Nurse Maude team includes:

Talk to your doctor or other health provider about being referred to this service.

The Nurse Maude Hospice

The Nurse Maude Hospice specialises in caring for people who need palliative care. Your GP, hospital doctor, or other health professional can refer you to the hospice for:


All hospitals in Canterbury provide palliative care. Their services include:

The Christchurch Hospital Palliative Care Service works alongside the general hospital team to care for patients in Christchurch Hospital, Burwood Hospital, Christchurch Women's Hospital, and Hillmorton Hospital. If you go home from hospital, this service will also continue to provide the care you need.

There is also a palliative care team based at Ashburton Hospital.

You can be referred to the hospital-based services by your doctor or by a hospital specialist. If you think you or a family member or friend might need the team's help, talk to a member of the healthcare team about this.

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