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Preparing for your doctor's visit

Kia whakatika ki tōu whakaritenga ki te tākuta

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When you go to the doctor, sometimes it's hard to know what to say or ask. Planning for your visit and asking questions will help you understand more about your health and wellbeing and any treatment you need.

FDP Doctor and patientYour doctor, practice nurse and others included in your health care want you to ask questions to help you make decisions together.

There is a way to help you get all the information you need when you have an appointment with a doctor or other healthcare professional – it's called PLAN for better care:

Prepare for your visit

Listen and share

Ask questions

Note down what you need to do next

Take a pen and paper so you can write down anything you need to remember. You can print this page and take it with you to help you remember what to do and ask.

At the pharmacy

If your doctor has prescribed medicine, you might want to ask these questions when you collect it from the pharmacy:

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