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Pregnancy information for teens & young adults

Mōhiohio hapūtanga mā ngā taiohi me rangatahi

Teen pregnancyFinding out you're pregnant can be overwhelming, especially if the pregnancy wasn't planned. You might also feel anxious or worried about telling your parents. Remember, help and support are available.

If you think you might be pregnant, it's important to find out for sure by having a pregnancy test so you can learn about your options and the care and support that's available.

People you can talk to

If it's possible, talk to one or both of your parents or another close family/whānau member. However, you may prefer to talk to someone else first. Your GP (doctor) is a good person to start with. If you need to find a general practice team, you can search on this map.

Remember, your doctor has to keep all information about your medical care confidential and is a good person to see because they know you best. But if you'd prefer to see another doctor, you can see one for free at Te Tahi Youth.

You might prefer to go to see someone at Family Planning. They can help you confirm whether you're pregnant, then advise you as you decide what to do next.

You can also talk to a midwife – find one at Find your midwife. Many midwives provide free pregnancy tests and can talk about your options with you. You can also drop in to the Midwifery Resource Centre for a pregnancy test.

Youthline also has some information on pregnancy, and you can call their helpline, text, email, or chat for advice.

Pregnancy test results

A negative pregnancy test doesn't always mean you're not pregnant. If you think you are pregnant, but the test is negative, wait a few days before doing another test. If the test is negative, you might want to know more about contraception.

If your pregnancy test is positive, you may feel overwhelmed as you look at the options you need to consider. Remember there is help and support available to you.

Continuing the pregnancy

You may wish either to keep the baby, or have the baby adopted. If you continue with the pregnancy you should contact a midwife. Midwives are trained health professionals who specialise in pregnancy and childbirth.

Ending the pregnancy

You may choose to end the pregnancy by having a termination (abortion).

Not sure

The most important thing is for you to have someone you can talk to about the different options available, and how you are feeling. See the suggestions above for people you can talk to.

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