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Pelvic pain

Long-lasting pelvic pain and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many hospital services. If you've been waiting for outpatient assessment or treatment for pelvic pain, it's likely that this has been delayed. This can be a very anxious time and you may have a flare-up of your pain during this time.

You can take some steps to manage and understand your pain. This UK page has some useful information and self-care advice.

Please note that one of the medications mentioned on the page isn't available in New Zealand. Also, the phone numbers mentioned on the page are for UK services.

For general information about long-lasting pelvic pain, read the rest of this section.

Pelvic pain, or pain below your belly button, is common. It can be sudden (also called acute pelvic pain) or it can be long-lasting (also called chronic pelvic pain).

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