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Other support for older people

Funding schemes at your general practice

For information about funding that your GP might be able to use to reduce the cost of your health care, see Funding schemes at your general practice.

Disability Allowance

To find out about the disability allowance benefit, see Disability allowance.

Transport and parking

Transport and parking has information about mobility parking permits, the Total Mobility half-price taxi scheme, and other transport options.

Keeping warm

See Keeping your home warm & dry for information about the Community Energy Action (CEA) Charitable Trust. CEA might be able to help with reduced costs for insulation and efficient heating.

Healthy eating initiatives

Meals on Wheels may be available for people who:

Your general practice team or other health professional can refer you for Meals on Wheels or you can refer yourself. The Canterbury DHB subsidises Meals on Wheels but there's a small cost, which is subject to change.

To find out more, see Meals on Wheels or phone (03) 335‑4443.

If you aren't eligible or prefer not to use Meals on Wheels, alternative home-delivered meal services (this link downloads a list) are available but the costs aren't subsidised.

Ministry of Social Development

The Services for Seniors brochure includes information about superannuation and Veteran's Pension, other financial help, and what support different organisations and community groups offer.

Te Tari Kaumātua Office for Seniors is a new website that brings together information about finance and planning, health and wellbeing, activities, and how to stay connected with your family and community.

SuperGold Card

The SuperGold Card is a discount and concessions card for seniors and veterans. It also entitles you to a discount on transport services, including some taxis.

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