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Living with type 2 diabetes

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What can I do?

Who can help?

Financial support

What can I do?

Who can help?

The following people and organisations may be involved in your (or a family member's or friend's) healthcare.

General practice team

If you need to find a GP, you can search on this map.

Maori service providers

Some services specifically help Māori people.

The Diabetes Centre

The Diabetes Centre offers specialist care, as well as advice, resources, education, and support.

Specialists, such as dietitians, podiatrists, optometrists, and cardiologists

Below are some of the specialists you may see to help improve your health or for complications of diabetes:

Financial support

For information about funding that your GP might be able to use to reduce the cost of your health care, see Funding schemes at your general practice.

To find out about the disability allowance benefit, see Disability allowance for adults.

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