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Living with osteoarthritis

There are many things you can do to help manage your arthritis.

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What can I do?

Who can help?

Financial support

What can I do?

Who can help?

The following people and organisations may be involved in your healthcare.

General practice team

If you need to find a GP, you can search on this map.

Allied health professionals

Ask your general practice team about options for referral to a dietitian, occupational therapist or physiotherapist through the public health system. Or you can pay to see a dietitian, chiropractor, physiotherapist or occupational therapist privately.

Community-Based Musculoskeletal Service

The Community-Based Musculoskeletal Service provides treatment for musculoskeletal conditions, including steroid injections for treating osteoarthritis. Your doctor will refer you to this service if they think you would benefit from this treatment, and if you meet the criteria.

Clinics are held either at the 24-Hour Surgery or the Riccarton Clinic.

Financial support

For information about funding that your GP might be able to use to reduce the cost of your health care, see Funding schemes at your general practice.

To find out about the disability allowance benefit, see Disability allowance for adults.

Transport and parking has information about mobility parking permits, the Total Mobility half-price taxi scheme, and other transport options.

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