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Self-care for macular degeneration

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Although you can't change your age or genetics, you can do some things to decrease your risk of macular degeneration or slow it down if you already have it.

Some supplements containing lutein (a natural pigment found in lots of fruits and vegetables) help to slow the progress of macular degeneration in some people, although they don't improve it. These supplements may especially help people with moderate or severe dry macular degeneration.

Local specialists recommend Ocuvite PreserVision with Lutein (you can get a prescription from your ophthalmologist), Clinicians VisionCare with Lutein or Blackmores Macu-Vision, which you can buy over the counter. These supplements are not publicly funded. You could ask your optometrist or ophthalmologist if they think you should try taking one of these.

You can read more about supplements and macular degeneration.

You can also read more about living with low vision.

Make sure you have an annual eye examination with an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Your GP or optometrist can refer you to your local hospital's Ophthalmology Department.

Or you may wish to pay to see a private optometrist or a private ophthalmologist (eye doctor and surgeon).

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