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Getting help for coeliac disease

A gluten-free diet for coeliac disease is a lifelong diet. With it, you'll need to avoid all foods that contain gluten. Even tiny amounts of gluten, such as a pea-size piece of wheat bread, is enough to damage your small bowel.

To start with, following a gluten-free diet can be overwhelming. It's harder if you don’t have the right information and support. A dietitian can help get you started. They can make sure you have the right information to follow a healthy gluten-free diet.

At an appointment with the dietitian you would expect to discuss and cover:

Group education about eating gluten-free for coeliac disease

If you're diagnosed with coeliac disease at Christchurch Hospital or Ashburton Hospital, your specialist or GP will refer you for group education. This is a 60-minute group session about eating gluten-free for coeliac disease. You can attend a session in the afternoon or evening at Village Health, 30 Lincoln Road, Spreydon. Online sessions are also available. A dietitian who is an expert on eating gluten-free facilitates the session.

Village Health will text you to confirm if you've been accepted into the group education session. If you've been accepted, they'll invite you to book a session via the Village Health website.

The Canterbury DHB funds the group education sessions so there's no cost to attend.

You may also choose to see a private dietitian.

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