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Living with angina

What can I do?

cycling in woodHave regular check-ups with your GP. You may be able to make some of these lifestyle changes to stay healthy.

Make sure you take all your medications as prescribed

If you have had a heart attack, complete your cardiac rehabilitation programme.

If you have angina, know your angina action plan.

You can also learn more about

And you can find your local heart support group in this online directory.

Who can help?

Several people and organisations may be involved in caring for you, your family member, or your friend. You can contact some yourself, while for others you will need to be referred by your GP.


If you need to find a GP, you can search on this map.

Cardiac companions

This volunteer support and activity group is available for people who have already completed a cardiac rehabilitation programme. Phone (03) 366‑2112.

Sport Canterbury Green Prescription Team

Green Prescription is a programme that helps you get more activity into your day-to-day- life. You can refer yourself using this form.

Christchurch Cardiac Rehabilitation Team

This team provides information, support, and activity for people recovering from treatment for angina, heart attack, or heart surgery. It is based at Christchurch Hospital. Phone (03) 364‑1093 for further details about the service.

Christchurch Hospital Cardiology Department

The Christchurch Hospital Cardiology Department sees people with serious heart problems who are referred by their GPs. It also provides tests for heart problems. If you need an ECG or exercise ECG your doctor may refer you to this department as an outpatient.

Private heart specialists

Find a private heart specialist/cardiologist using:

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