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Land contamination

Environment Canterbury has identified land with a history of hazardous activities and industries. Hazardous activities and industries include:

Environment Canterbury maintains a listed land use register that records areas of land with a history of hazardous activities and industries.

If your land is identified in the register, this means it is possible that chemicals or hazardous substances may still be present in your soil. Environment Canterbury will notify land owners by mail if their land may be affected, and provide them with information. For most people who are living on this land, there will not be any effects to their health.

For more information, see the Environment Canterbury website.

For information about looking after your health if your land may be contaminated, see Community and Public Health – The Listed Land Use Register: what it means for your health. This is important to consider if you have young children or are pregnant.

If you are feeling stressed or upset because you have been told that your land might have a history of hazardous activities, you could call the Canterbury Support Line on 0800‑777‑846. Operators on the Canterbury Support Line will work with you to identify services or support that can help you.

Written by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Last reviewed June 2019.

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