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Kidney problems in children

This page has information about some of the problems that children can get with their kidneys. See the pages in the Kidneys section to learn about healthy kidneys and kidney disease in adults.

Some problems children have with their kidneys can be treated, while others can have more long-term effects. Kidney problems in children can be caused by:

Does my child have a kidney problem?

child urinary systemMany children have no symptoms, or very few symptoms, of a kidney problem. Symptoms they may have include:

Make an appointment to see your GP if your child has any of these symptoms.

Your doctor may use several tests to see if your child does have a problem with their kidneys. These tests might include:

What treatment will my child have?

The treatment will depend on what is causing your child's kidney problems (see the pages listed under "See also" for specific kidney problems). If they have an infection, they will be given antibiotics to treat the infection. If they have a birth defect, it may be possible to fix the defect with surgery. If their kidneys are damaged, treatment will aim to control the symptoms and stop or slow down any further damage.

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