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Keeping your home warm & dry

Kia mau tonu te whakamahana me te whakamaroke o tōu kāinga

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The Canterbury DHB would like you to stay as healthy as possible. Your health can be affected by your house being cold or damp. You might be able to get significant subsidies for insulation and heating if you have:

Talk to your GP about a referral to the Community Energy Action (CEA) Charitable Trust. Once your referral has gone to CEA, someone will phone you to discuss your options. You can also call CEA directly on (03) 374‑7222 or 0800‑GETWARM. But CEA will need to ask your GP to verify that you have a health condition. This ensures that the people with the highest health needs get priority. Even if you don't qualify for subsidies, CEA will be able to help you with insulation.

Tips to help you keep your home as warm and dry as possible this winter

Get rid of dampness

Stop heat escaping

Get good winter curtains

Spread your power bill

Check your insulation

Other tips

Rheumatic fever is a serious illness that can be prevented by keeping your home warm and dry, and preventing the spread of germs. The following series of videos from the Ministry of Health give tips to help do this. There are nine short videos and they will automatically play in sequence.

There are also English and Te Reo, English and Tongan, and English and Samoan versions of the videos.

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