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immunisation familyIn New Zealand many diseases have disappeared and several others are becoming less common because of vaccination. For example, polio no longer exists in New Zealand and diphtheria is very rare.

To avoid these diseases making an unwelcome return, it's important that we continue to protect ourselves and our families by getting vaccinated on time.

Vaccination is the best, and often only, protection against many harmful diseases.

The Ministry of Health funds vaccinations for children under the age of 18 and eligible adult special groups. This means children and some adults can get free vaccinations through general practices, protecting them from many diseases that vaccination can prevent.

Vaccination is about protecting you, your family and your community.

If you need to know more visit, talk to your GP or practice nurse, or phone the Immunisation Advisory Centre on 0800‑466‑863 (0800‑IMMUNE).

Written by the Canterbury Immunisation Provider Group. Adapted by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Last reviewed July 2017. Last updated August 2018.

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