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Why can it be hard to quit?

Many people find it difficult to stop smoking. To stop, you need to work through all the habits that go with smoking, and you also have to withdraw from nicotine. Nicotine is the ingredient in tobacco that keeps you addicted. This video shows how addictive nicotine can be.

But there are many things you can do, and services you can use, to help you kick the habit for good.

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What can I do?

Who can help?

What can I do?

Who can help?

Getting help more than doubles your chances of successfully stopping smoking. There is a lot of free help available, and there will be a service near you.

Your GP

Talking to your GP or practice nurse can be a good place to start when you decide to quit smoking. They can also talk to you about the different medicines you can use to help you give up. Most general practices provide smoking cessation consultations free of charge. Check with your doctor or practice nurse.

If you need to find a GP, you can search on this map.

Te Hā – Waitaha Stop Smoking Canterbury

Phone 0800‑425‑700 for stop-smoking information and support.

Register online on the Te Hā – Waitaha Stop Smoking Canterbury website.


Phone Quitline on 0800-778-778 or register online.


Phone: (03) 386‑0278 or email

196 Hills Rd, Edgeware, Christchurch.

See CanBreathe's website

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