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If you live with a disability, you can help ensure your home supports your safety and independence.

Housing modifications for a disability

If you have age-related, physical or sensory needs, modifications to your home may help you stay independent and safe with everyday activities. The following types of modifications may be helpful:

An occupational therapist can help you decide what modifications are going to best suit your needs. They may also be able to apply for Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People or ACC funding on your behalf.

You can arrange simple modifications yourself. For help with modifications to your home, contact one of the tradespeople recommended by Enable New Zealand or suppliers listed by Age Concern.

There are also simple changes you can make to make it safer to move around your home, like keeping it clear of clutter. For more information, see Falls.

Designing and building a future proof house

If you're renovating, building or planning to buy a new home, there are ways you can future proof it to ensure you can stay in that home for as long as possible.

The Enable New Zealand lifelong design checklist has advice about:

Finding a house

If you need to move into a rented home and have specific needs related to a disability, you may find the links below helpful.

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