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Home, community and nursing support services

Home, community and nursing support services help people stay healthy and live as independently as possible. They include support with your personal care, such as dressing and showering. They also help you take part in your community and manage your home.

Community nursing services support the home and community teams. They also provide nursing services such as wound care, IV therapy, continence help, and giving complex medication.

About the service

The service is flexible to meet your health needs and help you achieve your goals.

Each person receiving services has a care coordinator, who is a registered health professional (such as a registered nurse). Your care coordinator works with you (and where appropriate your whānau/family or carer) to identify your health needs and goals.

Your goals are personal and individual. They could include a wide range of things, such as living pain-free, being able to prepare a meal, or regularly attending a community social group.

Your care coordinator plans and organises your care and support to help you achieve your goals. They also make sure your care is coordinated with other health services, such as your GP.

Your care coordinator makes sure your support workers have the training they need to help you. This could include things like help to do some housework or help to get exercise.

Home, community and nursing support service providers

Three organisations provide the services in Canterbury. You can choose which of the organisations provides your support.


Access logo

Phone: 0800-AT-HOME or 0800‑284‑663


Access is a not-for-profit organisation. It's one of New Zealand's leading healthcare providers, specialising in home-based support. Access has been supporting New Zealanders since 1927 as part of Women's Division Federated Farmers (WDFF). WDFF has since become Rural Women New Zealand, and the home care service it pioneered has grown into Access.

Healthcare of New Zealand

Healthcare NZ logo

Phone: 0800‑000‑239


Healthcare of New Zealand has been supporting people in Canterbury to live their lives the way they want to in their own homes and communities for more than 25 years. Their Good to be Home service supports you to complete everyday tasks for yourself and build your mobility, strength and confidence. Good to be Home is provided by a local and professional team of qualified nurses and support workers. They work alongside you and your whānau/family each step of the way, to ensure their support meets your individual needs and goals.

Nurse Maude

Nurse Maude Logo

Phone: 0800‑888‑018


Nurse Maude has been caring for people since 1896. Today it provides a wide range of specialised nursing and home support care, working throughout the community in its clinics, hospital and hospice. The enduring principle of Nurse Maude is that the needs of clients are met with high-quality, relevant and responsive services provided by skilled and compassionate staff. They work in partnership with you to achieve your health goals.

Where to go for more information

If you have questions about your home, community and nursing support services, or any concerns about the service you're receiving, contact Older Persons Health and Rehabilitation, phone: (03) 337‑7765.

If you want to know more about the providers, call them. Their websites also have information.

Written by Older Persons Health and Rehabilitation (OPH&R), Canterbury DHB. Adapted by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Last reviewed August 2018.


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