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HealthInfo Canterbury

HealthInfo content strategy

HealthInfo is the Waitaha Canterbury, South Canterbury and Southern health systems' health information website. These Te Whatu Ora regions want to ensure that no matter where an individual comes into contact with the local health system, they get pointed to HealthInfo as the source of reliable and current information.

One purpose of HealthInfo is to provide high-quality information, vetted and approved locally that health professionals can refer their patients to for diagnosed conditions. Another purpose is to provide the same high-quality information for people to access when searching for general health and wellbeing information.

Traditionally, written information provided by health professionals has been manually organised and the hard copies are often out of date. The information on HealthInfo is held and used electronically which means that health professionals and the public can be sure they're using information that is constantly reviewed, updated and added to.

All the information provided on HealthInfo is approved by the clinical advisers. The clinical advisers are all qualified health professionals working in the local health systems.

To help people use HealthInfo, health professionals can write a search term on a HealthInfo card (shown here) and give it to their patient. The patient or their family can then access the information on any of their personal electronic devices or publicly at their local library.

Health professionals can also print information for their patient by following the HealthInfo links in HealthPathways.

Content strategy

Criteria for inclusion

Criteria for exclusion

Private healthcare providers

Exceptions can be made to all the criteria above if there are good reasons for doing so.

Written by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Last reviewed September 2020.

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