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Going home after breast reconstruction


See your GP (or go to an after-hours GP) as soon as possible if you have:

If you want telephone advice after you have left hospital:


Everyone's recovery is different. You may need help at home with lifting children, shopping and housework for two to six weeks. You can drive when you feel safe to do an emergency stop, usually after four to six weeks. Avoid contact sports while you are healing. Normal energy levels return around three months. Continue with the exercises you learned in the hospital.


Everyone's healing differs, and so we can't say exactly when you will be ready to return to work. Most women take between four and eight weeks off work.

Breast support

Unless hospital staff say otherwise, wear your sports-type bra (without underwires) 24 hours a day for the first month (but take it off for showers). Underwire bras may be uncomfortable for another few months.

Wound care

Most of your stitches will dissolve by themselves, though you may be told you have some that need to be taken out.

The wounds are covered with adhesive strips in the operating theatre. You can leave these until they fall off. Then replace them with 1 cm to 2 cm-wide paper tape from a pharmacy. The tape keeps the scar line covered, which reduces the risk of lumpy, itchy or wide scars. Continue with the tape for three to six months or until the scars fade from red to white.

Showering is safe on the third day, but don't soak the wounds in the bath or swimming pool until they are completely healed over (usually after two weeks).

Pain relief

Take the regular pain relief pills prescribed by the hospital. As you become more comfortable, continue with regular paracetamol (two pills, four times a day) but take less of the other pills. When you are comfortable taking only regular paracetamol, start taking it just when you need it.

Avoid constipation

Watch out for constipation and talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you need laxatives. Straining can affect your tummy wound.

Follow-up appointment

You will be given an outpatient appointment at the Plastic Surgery Department, or one will be sent to you.

Further surgery

Over the months after surgery, the shape and skin of your breasts will change. Some women have concerns which may be eased by further surgery.

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