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Getting back into work or study

Health navigator helping back to workGetting back into work or study can seem overwhelming. You may have lost some confidence, or you may be unsure of what work you can do.

Work or study can benefit your health and wellbeing. It can provide structure and social connection and can motivate you to build new skills.

There is a programme in Canterbury that can help you find meaningful work or study. The service is free if you meet the criteria to join the programme.

Here Toitū (previously Step Up)

When you have a health condition it can be hard to navigate all the different systems to reach your goals.

Here Toitū can provide a health navigator to support you. They can help you manage any health and social barriers that are impacting your ability to work.

Your health navigator will have weekly contact with you for the first 16 weeks. They can also provide support for up to 12 months, including when you start work. The health navigator will:

The service is available for people who are:

Talk to your GP or the Here Toitū team to see if you are eligible.

Contact Here Toitū


Phone: (03) 353‑7890

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