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Gender dysphoria

transgenderWhen someone feels their gender identity doesn't match the sex they were born with, we call this gender dysphoria.

It can also be called:

The sex someone was born is called their biological sex. It depends on whether they have the body of a boy or a girl. Gender identity is the gender that a person feels they are.

For example, someone may have the body of a man (with a penis and testicles), but feel they are a woman.

A transsexual is someone who has a strong feeling of gender dysphoria that doesn't go away. Many transsexuals want to change their bodies to match their gender identity.

Some transsexual people feel they are neither male nor female, but both, or somewhere in between.

"Trans" is often used as a general term. People might prefer other words, including:

Some just prefer male or female.

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