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Fibre & fluid for healthy bowels

Fibre helps to prevent constipation and keeps your bowels regular and healthy. Fibre comes from plant foods such as fruit, vegetables, breads, cereals, nuts and seeds.

Tips to prevent and help with constipation

Start a bowel routine

Eat regular meals and snacks

Be physically active

Aim to be physically active most days for at least 30 minutes. Choose activities that you enjoy, like walking, dancing, swimming, golf, tennis and tai chi. Gardening and active work around the house also count as physical activity if they get you out of breath or sweaty.

Every day have at least six servings of bread and cereals

Choose wholegrain and wholemeal for more fibre.

Example of one serving:

Every day have at least five servings of vegetables and fruit

Example of one serving:

Drink at least eight cups of fluid daily

Tips to get more fibre

Some final points

Written by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Last reviewed October 2018.


Images courtesy of Bread and wheat by Mister GC, bran flakes with fresh raspberries and strawberries by Serge Bertasius.

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