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Falls prevention service & programmes

The community-based Falls Prevention Service aims to help people who have fallen in the past 12 months, who are worried about falling, or whose leg strength and balance could be improved.

The Falls Prevention Service involves a registered health professional (called a falls champion) coming to your home to do a home hazard check and work with you to draw up a personal falls prevention programme. Your falls champion will advise you on what exercise to do, and how often to do it. Where appropriate, the programme will be aligned with services you may already be receiving.

The Falls Prevention Service is free and your doctor or other health professional can recommend you for this service. This brochure provides more information.

Falls prevention programmes

As part of this service, your falls champion may recommend you take part in the Modified Otago Exercise Programme (MOEP). This involves a physiotherapist or registered nurse designing a year-long exercise programme for you to increase your muscle strength and balance. It includes free follow-up visits and phone calls. MOEP is the most appropriate programme for 70% of people referred to the Community Falls Prevention Service.

If you do not require the MOEP, your falls champion will work with you to determine and support you participating in the most appropriate programme. This might include:

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