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Eczema tests & diagnosis

Eczema handIf you suspect your child has eczema, take them to see your GP. There are no blood tests for eczema but your GP will examine your child and probably ask you some questions, such as:

They will diagnose eczema, or some other condition, based on your answers and what they see.

If your child is diagnosed with eczema, your doctor or nurse can offer you information and advice for looking after a child with eczema. They will also show you how to recognise the symptoms and signs of skin infection.

A doctor or nurse may also check your child's general health, growth, and development, and they may want to know how your child's symptoms affect their sleep, school and daily life, and the rest of the family.

The doctor will prescribe moisturisers, soap substitutes, and sometimes other treatments such as topical steroid creams, or antibiotics if your child has an infection.

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