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Dietary suggestions for swallowing difficulties

If you have problems with your swallowing, your speech-language therapist may recommend that you have softer foods and thickened fluids. These will help you to eat and drink safely. If you are struggling to maintain a healthy weight and you have swallowing problems, you may also need to see a dietitian.

Use the following leaflets only with advice from your speech-language therapist or dietitian. When you are following a certain level, such as minced and moist, don't change to a different level without first checking with a health professional.


Slightly thick fluids consumer handout

Level 1 – slightly thick fluid

Mildly thick fluids consumer handout

Level 2 – mildly thick fluid

Moderately thick fluids consumer handout

Level 3 – moderately thick fluid


Liquidised foods consumer handout

Level 3 – liquidised food

Pureed food consumer handout

Level 4 Рpur̩ed food

Minced and Moist Food Consumer Handout

Level 5 – minced and moist food

Soft and bite-sized food consumer handout

Level 6 – soft and bite-sized food

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