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Constipation in pregnancy

You can become constipated when you're pregnant due to hormonal changes that affect the muscles of your bowel.

Eating plenty of fibre-rich foods and drinking at least nine cups of fluid a day can help relieve constipation.

Try to have plenty of fibre-rich foods at all meals. Fibre-rich foods include:

If you're already eating plenty of fibre-rich foods and drinking plenty of fluids, adding more probably will not help. In this case, you could try having one of the following for a few days to see if this helps:

Being active can also help keep your bowels regular. Try to include some activity every day, such as walking, swimming, playing with your children or housework.

If you're having problems with constipation, talk to your midwife, LMC or GP.

Written by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Last reviewed December 2021.

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