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Constipation in babies

A baby gets their tummy massaged for constipationConstipation in babies is when their poos are hard and dry. It tends to happen more often in formula-fed babies than breastfed babies, and when babies change to eating solids.

Babies can go for days without pooing – it doesn't always mean they're constipated. It's normal for breastfed babies to poo anywhere between after every feed to only once every seven to 10 days. Formula-fed babies usually poo between three times a day to once every two days.

Straining, including getting a red face and pushing hard, is also normal for babies. As long as their poos are soft, they aren't constipated.

Helping your baby with constipation

You can help your baby with constipation by:

Getting help for your baby's constipation

See a doctor if:

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