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Communicating with someone who cannot hear well

Ka whakawhiti kĊrero ki te tangata taringa turi

communication3Here are some ways you can communicate better with a person who is hard of hearing or hearing-impaired.

If the person you are communicating with has a hearing aid but still cannot hear you properly, check to see if their hearing aid is in their ear. Also check that it is turned on and has a working battery. If all these things are OK, find out when the person last had their hearing checked. It may be time to get it checked again.

Communicating with a deaf person

Communicating with a deaf person is very similar to communicating with someone who is hard of hearing. Use all the strategies above.

Use as many other methods of communication as possible, including body language and facial expressions.

You may also find this dictionary of sign language useful.

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Written by speech-language therapists, Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand Waitaha Canterbury. Adapted by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Last reviewed July 2023.


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