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Chiropractors are experts on joints and their effect on your nerves and muscles. They get joints moving by manipulating them, either by hand or with specialised chiropractic tools.

If you suffer from back pain, for example, they will adjust or manipulate the joints of your spine to treat the issue.

What chiropractors do

Chiropractors most often treat things like back pain, neck pain, pain in your joints, and headaches. They also treat referred pain, which is pain that starts in a joint and spreads to other areas of your body.

Finding a chiropractor

All chiropractors work in private practices. You can find a chiropractor by searching on the New Zealand Chiropractors' Association website or Healthpoint. If you meet certain criteria, your doctor may refer you to see a chiropractor.

Qualifications and training

All chiropractors are master or bachelor degree graduates from internationally recognised colleges. Many also have post-graduate training in specialised areas such as treating children or people with sports injuries.

New Zealand chiropractors must be registered with the New Zealand Chiropractic Board and hold a current annual practising certificate.

Cost to see a chiropractor

There is normally a charge to see a chiropractor, but if your pain is the result of an injury or accident, ACC or your employer may partly cover the costs. Costs may also be covered if you have private health insurance or you're a Work and Income (WINZ) beneficiary who qualifies for financial support.

If you're an approved war veteran, you may also receive funding for chiropractic treatment.

Written by local chiropractors. Adapted by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Last reviewed March 2022.

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