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Chest pain first aid

Whakarauora mamae ā-poho


Phone 111 for an ambulance straight away if you have heaviness, tightness, pressure, discomfort or pain lasting more than 10 minutes in your:

  • chest
  • shoulder
  • jaw
  • arm
  • neck
  • middle of your back.

You might also feel sick, sweaty, short of breath, tired or dizzy.

If you take angina medication, follow your angina plan. If your symptoms do not go away within 10 minutes or are severe or getting worse, phone 111 and ask for an ambulance.

If someone close to you has these symptoms, phone 111 and ask for an ambulance for them.

Yard heart attackThe symptoms above can mean you're having a heart attack and need urgent help.

You should get any other chest pain checked to be sure there is not a serious cause.

Phone your general practice team or Healthline on 0800-611-116 for advice.

Other causes of chest pain

Other causes of chest pain include:

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