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Caring for your drain at home after surgery

This information is to help you care for your drain when you go home.

Once a day at roughly the same time:

If you are concerned about the amount draining contact the correct department or ward for your procedure. You will find contact details at the bottom of this page.

Issues you should seek help for

No-suctionWhat if there is leaking around the drain site?

Check if your bottle is full and has lost suction. If it has it will look like the picture on the right.

What if my drain falls out?

Drains are held in place by stitches. If your drain falls out, cover the drain site with a dry dressing or clean cloth.

What are the signs of infection at the drain site?

Who should I contact if I have concerns about my drain?

General Surgery patients

At any time (including weekends and public holidays):

Christchurch Hospital

Phone (03) 364‑0640

Ask the operator to be put through to the ward you were in after surgery

Patient whose breast surgery was done by a plastic surgeon

From 8 am to 4.30 pm seven days a week:

Plastics Outpatient Department

Christchurch Hospital

Phone (03) 364‑0471

After 4.30 pm, including weekends and public holidays:

Ward 20

Christchurch Hospital

Phone (03) 364‑9200

Please speak with the nurse in charge for advice about any of your concerns.

Patient whose breast surgery was done by a general surgeon

From 8 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday:

Breast care nurses (BCN)

Christchurch Hospital

Phone (03) 364‑1804

If you can't contact the BCN and this is an urgent issue, or it's after 4.30 pm, a weekend or a public holiday, please contact

Ward 16 SARA co-ordinator

Christchurch Hospital

Phone 03 378‑6333

Ask the operator to be put through to the Ward 16 SARA co-ordinator

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