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COVID-19 – Community-based assessment centres (CBAC)

COVID-19 community-based assessment centres (CBAC) are designed to assess and test people with suspected COVID-19.

You'll be referred to a CBAC if you have symptoms and could possibly have COVID-19. A CBAC won't see you without an appointment.

You should stay in self-isolation until your appointment.

If you become more unwell while you're waiting for your appointment, call your GP and tell them that you're waiting to be tested for COVID-19. Call an after-hours service if it's outside normal GP hours or if you don't have a GP. Don't go to a medical facility without calling first. If you become very unwell, call 111 for an ambulance.

You'll be given an appointment and told which CBAC to attend. They're well signposted and there's designated parking. Please make sure you arrive on time.

If you take regular medication, please bring a list of these to your appointment.

If possible, travel to the CBAC by private transport. If you have to travel with someone else, try to stay 1 m apart from them, use good hand hygiene and cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your elbow.

When you get to the CBAC, a member of security will be there to help you and show you where to go. Please follow their instructions.

You'll be given a mask and asked to wash your hands. Then you'll be shown where to sit.

A nurse and a doctor will see you. They'll be wearing protective clothing including a mask, goggles, gown and gloves.

The team will talk to you and examine you to check how you're doing. If you meet the testing criteria, they'll perform a test. They'll also decide if you're well enough to go home or if you need further medical assessment.

The test for COVID-19 is a swab that's taken from the back of your nose.

The CBAC can't offer treatment for any other conditions. If something other than COVID-19 is making you unwell, you may need to contact your GP for further advice and treatment.

On leaving the CBAC, you'll be given information on what you should do next and told how you'll get your test results. Please follow this advice carefully.

Written by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Page created March 2020.

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