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Eating well when breastfeeding twins & triplets

Breast milk provides the best food for your pēpi (babies) as they grow. It's the only food and drink they need for the first six months of their life. Even after six months, you can continue breastfeeding your pēpi while introducing other foods.

Breastfeeding has many important benefits for mothers and pēpi. You can read about these benefits on Why breastfeed?

Breastfeeding takes time to get going and there can be some challenges along the way. Most women say it can take up to six weeks to feel relaxed and confident about breastfeeding. It will help if you can get support from your partner and whānau (family) during this time.

There is a lot of information and support available to help you learn how to breastfeed and answer any concerns you have. For more information see Getting help with breastfeeding.

Having enough milk

Whether they will have enough milk is a common concern among mothers about to breastfeed twins or triplets.

Your supply of milk will adjust to what your pēpi babies need. Mothers feeding twins or triplets can produce enough milk for their pēpi if breastfeeding and expressing regularly.

The more you breastfeed or express, the more adequate your milk supply will be. Your midwife can give you information on expressing.

Eating to produce enough milk

To produce enough milk, you'll need to eat more food and drink more fluids than usual.

You'll need approximately 500 to 600 kcals per pēpi each day. This is on top of the amount of food you would eat before you were pregnant.

This may mean eating six to eight times a day.

Regularly include protein- and calcium-rich foods such as dairy products (milk, yoghurt and cheese).

Your nutrient needs are very high, so choose healthy and nutritious foods at all meal and snack times.

Food examples

100 kcal snacks

200 kcal snacks


You may find you get very thirsty.

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