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Blood tests & laboratory information

In Canterbury, laboratory testing is carried out by Canterbury SCL in the community and Canterbury Health Laboratories at Christchurch Hospital.

See Collection centres for details of the locations and opening hours of their collection centres.






Specific tests and instructions for collecting samples


Blood or body fluid exposure

Blood tests for children

Chlamydia and gonorrhoea urine collection

Chlamydia and gonorrhoea vaginal swab

Cxbladder triage test

Diabetes in pregnancy tests

Faeces collection

Faecal occult blood (FOB) test




Fasting tests

Fine needle aspiration (FNA)

Glucose tolerance test

MRSA swabs

Paediatric (baby's) urine collection

Seminal fluid (sperm) collection for fertility

Seminal fluid (sperm) collection for fertility (Ashburton)

Seminal fluid (sperm) collection post-vasectomy




Seminal fluid (sperm) collection post-vasectomy (Ashburton)

Sputum collection for culture

Sputum collection for cytology

Urine collection (24-hour)

Urine collection (24-hour) for 5-HIAA

Urine collection (24-hour) with acid preservative

Urine collection for cytology

Urine collection (mid-stream)


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