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Binge-eating disorder group

The South Island Eating Disorders Service offers a 12-week cognitive behavioural treatment (CBT) group for people with binge-eating disorder. This aims to help them to understand and change the triggers that lead to binge eating, including their beliefs about food and eating, as well as their body weight and shape. To take part, you need to attend each week and complete homework. You'll be encouraged to participate in the sessions.

When is it?

Sessions take place once a week for 12 weeks. For more information, contact the South Island Eating Disorders Service on (03) 337‑7707 or your GP.

Who is this group for?

This group is for people who:

This group may not be appropriate if you:

If you have any of these difficulties, please see your GP as soon as possible.

How do I join or find out more?

Please ask your GP to refer you to the South Island Eating Disorders Service. If your referral is accepted, you'll be offered an assessment with the group facilitators to make sure that the group is right for you. The assessment will involve a structured interview and questionnaires. You'll also have an opportunity to ask any questions about the group.

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