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Acute admission to General Surgery

Toronga ohotata ki te Poka Noa

If your general practice team decides that you'll need to be seen acutely (on the same day) you'll be sent to the Surgical Assessment and Review Area (SARA) at Christchurch Hospital.

SARA (Surgical Assessment and Review Area)

This is in Ward 3B on the third floor of Christchurch Hospital's Waipapa building. It's open from 7 am until 10.30 pm each day.

This unit allows patients to be seen by the general surgical team without having to go via the Emergency Department (ED).

If you're very unwell and need some initial urgent treatment or if it's outside the hours noted above, you'll need to go via the ED.

SARA is staffed by nurses and the surgical doctors on call for the day including the House Surgeon and the Registrar. The Surgical Consultant also assesses patients here as needed.

When you arrive at SARA

When you arrive at SARA, you'll be assessed by a nurse who will record things like your temperature, pulse and blood pressure. They may get you to do a urine sample or take blood from you if this has been requested. A doctor will see you and talk to you about your symptoms and your medical history. They will also examine you and prescribe your usual medications and other medications you may need (such as pain relief, anti-nausea medication and antibiotics).

You might need further tests such as an X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, gastroscopy or colonoscopy. They may observe you for a while to see what happens to your symptoms, or they may get you ready for surgery if this is needed.

Written by HealthInfo clinical advisers. Last reviewed December 2022.


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