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Overview of fatigue

Mō te ruha

Fatigue is the feeling of being tired all the time, even after you've rested. It's different from the feeling of sleepiness you get at bedtime or tiredness after exercise or a late night.

There are many causes of fatigue and often it's due to a combination of factors such as:

Symptoms of fatigue

Fatigue can cause a wide range of other physical, mental and emotional symptoms including:

Getting help with fatigue

See your general practice team if you have fatigue and any of the following symptoms:

Your doctor will ask you about your symptoms and may examine you. They may do tests such as blood tests, urine tests and other investigations to check for signs of illness or disease.

Treating fatigue

There are lots of ways to manage fatigue. Self-care is one option. You may also find it helpful to see a health professional such as an occupational therapist, physiotherapist or a mental health professional.

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